Connecting the Dots

Little did Luke, the author of the Gospel of Luke, know that of the many accounts of the life of Jesus,

his would be one that survived.

So it's worth taking the time to Connect the Dots and ask, 'Is his account reliable?'The truth is Christians aren't expected to believe simply based on words on a page.  It's so much better than that.  In fact, the foundation of our faith is anchored to something far more substantial and sustainable: The Resurrection and Life of Jesus of NazarethThroughout this series, we will, as Luke writes, 'Investigate' the story of Jesus and Connect the Dots along the way.  And as we walk through the Gospel of Luke, week by week,

we will see the way Jesus lived, taught, loved, and led,

that this isn't simply a 'Once upon a time' or 'In a land far, far away' story.

It's the real-life account of the Savior, the Lord, the King, the Messiah who came, lived, and died for you and for me.So I'm inviting you and I hope you'll invite others to join us on this journey each week as we

Connect the Dots to How we Know and Why We Follow and the story of Jesus of Nazareth