Prayer Wall

This is a place where we can come together as the Church and pray for all who are in need of it. We encourage you to spend time praying for these prayers, and if you do, go ahead and click the praying hands icon next to it to let them know you are praying for them!


Please pray for my mother, her name is Brenda. She was admitted to the hospital early this morning at Parkview due to a perforated colon and she is in the ICU with sepsis and on a ventilator. They are going to try to wean her today. Her vitals are currently stable, but low.


for my family, for Haiti, for the world especially the US. For me I have 3 major surgeries i have to get, 2 rotator cuff repair, right and left shoulders, highly possibly both lung transplant


My dad lives in Oklahoma,his name is Wayne. This morning he started having chest pain and difficulty breathing so he went to the ER. After he got to the ER his cardiologist found an aneurysm in his aorta that is (from what he can tell) at least 50% blocked. They are going to do a CT to see what the next step is. I haven't seen him in 4 years (I miss him terribly). Thank you for your prayers on his behalf it is appreciated and I will update as I have them.


My daughter in-law has an aunt who is in critical condition. She had a heart attack today and her lungs have filled with fluid. Her name is Gail.

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