Q: Where do you meet? 

A: We meet at 3131 Maplecrest Road, simply come in the front door (Marked as door 1) and our greeters will show you where to go and answer any questions you may have.

Q: Do I need to dress up on Sunday? 

A: Not at all, you can dress casually or comfortably.

Q: How long are your gatherings?

A: Our gatherings are approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

Q: I don’t believe in God, am I still welcome?

A: Yes. But we do hope you’re open to exploring, and to the idea that maybe there is a God and maybe He’s worth knowing.

Q: You say you’re a church where it's ok to not be ok. What does that even mean?

A: It's simple, we know that life is hard and life is messy, and with us, you're safe. If you deal with depression, worry, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. If you've been divorced, bankrupt, have a regret you hope no one ever finds out, or if you have fear and even doubt the existance of God, you're why we exist.

Q: I am a Christian and I am looking for a church home, is it ok if I come and check you out?

A: Of course, but just know, our music is high energy and is always done with excellence and our preaching is VERY straight forward and honest.

Q: What denomination are you?

A: We're a non-denominational church trying to follow Jesus in all we do.

Q: What about my kids, is there something for them?

A: Yes, we believe in offering high-impact, fun Sunday morning events that are age specific. We have nursery - 5th grade during our morning services, and our 6th - 12th grade are invited to participate in Sunday morning services. Just a side note, we plan our Sunday mornings with them in mind as well and work just as hard to engage our 12 year olds as our 75 year olds.

Q: Who funds this church?

A: Ordinary everyday people like you who believe so much in what God will do here that they want to help make it happen.