Know Jesus

We want to be a church that is relevant to our community. On Sunday mornings, our music is modern, our graphics are great, our dress is casual, and our cookies re fantastic! However, much more importantly, we are a place where it is okay to not be okay. We think that each and every Sunday morning that we gather together in person or online, the comfortable will be made uncomfortable by the Gospel, and the uncomfortable will be made comfortable by that same Gospel message. We both celebrate and challenge the culture that is all around us as we orient our lives around Jesus.

Grow In Faith

Everyone has a Next Step to take in their journey of faith. For some of us it is attending more regularly on Sunday mornings. Maybe it's joining a Small Group or serving in one of our many different ministries. Maybe it's something like getting baptized, spending more time in prayer, or trusting God financially by tithing. Regardless of what your Next Step is, we want to help you take that next step and we have found that joining a Small Group is a great way to help you in taking those next steps.


We think that if Jesus showed up to church this Sunday, the very first thing that he would say would be "what can I do?" or "how can I help?". Jesus himself commanded us to serve one another. Like one of our Core Values say, "Saved people serve people". We believe that there is no better way to "be like Jesus" than to serve one another!