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Student ministry for 7th-12th graders

At CCTeens we create a safe, welcoming, and encouraging atmosphere for all students in our community. Our goal is to show students the hope and healing that comes from following Christ by creating space for community, conversation, worship, and relevant messages.

ciy 2024

Hey everybody!! We are so excited to officially invite your students to attend this years CIY conferences together! If you’re new, CIY is a life changing event calling youth to Christ and into a life of kingdom work through his church. One reason we get so pumped for conference is because as your student’s leaders, we get to spend more time investing in them this week than we get to do in an entire year of programming. This is often the time of year we get to experience some major spiritual breakthroughs!


Remember, you are the number one spiritual influence in your student’s life, so we believe it is essential not just to encourage your students to attend CIY, but also to continue the conversation when they get back. Encourage them to get involved in Kingdom Work and encourage them to continue practicing habits that can help them build an everyday faith.

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A typical night of CCTeens starts with 30 minutes of hang-out time, an inclusive organized group game, worship, a quick and relevant message, then time with small groups. Small group time ends around 8pm and the students are dismissed.

for parents/guardians!!

Thank you for checking out CCTeens! We believe one of the best ways to encourage an everyday faith in our students is by partnering with you. Yes, YOU, The parent/guardian! As a ministry, we get about 20 hrs a year to teach our students everything we want them to know about Jesus, community, hope, healing, life, everything. However, YOU are the #1 influence in your students life, and we want to be here for you. Please click on this link so we can learn how to support you and your student best. 

I also encourage you to check out this website and explore the amazing resources they have to offer. We partner with ParentCue to to send resources, tips and tricks that are relevant to the lessons we share with your students throughout the year. Make sure to create an account to stay up to date!