Our vision:

helping people take their next steps toward jesus

We are a community of people who are in process. We have imperfect messy lives, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and with each other. It doesn't matter if you have yet to become a Christian, if you are just checking this whole church thing out, or if you have been a follower of Jesus for 60 years, we all have steps to take toward Jesus. We want to help you discover what those may be, so we're willing to meet you where you are, no matter what, and help you take your next steps toward Jesus. Everybody is welcome here, whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. We’re all about doing life together in community, being intentional about our growth as people and serving one another and our broader community along the way.

We Focus on the Heart

No matter what your story is, God has written it. Whether you've come from a diverse and rough background, or a relatively easy one - God is the ultimate author of your story.  Christ's Church values focusing on the heart above everything else in attempting to accomplish our goal as a church.  We've realized that the two major ways are through our Small Groups and through our Sunday Services.  The best way to get plugged in at Christ's Church is by being a part of these gatherings. 



OUr core values

Found People Find People

Saved People Serve People

You Can't Out Give God

You Can't Do Life Alone